Volunteer Spotlight

Operation Renewed Hope Foundation (ORHF) has extraordinarily low overhead. More than 90% of the donations we receive go directly to helping Veterans. ORHF could not do this without dedicated volunteers. This quarter we profile the Chairman of our Board of Directors, Greg Jacobson.

This quarter we profile the Chairman of our Board of Directors, Greg Jacobson.

GregJ acobson

What roles have you had at ORHF? I began supporting ORHF nearly three years ago, in September 2013, by facilitating strategic planning sessions with representatives from the Board, staff and volunteers. This team evaluated ORHF’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, leading to refined vision and mission statements, and newly founded committees with assigned tasks.  Since that time I have been the Operations Committee co-chair, assisted with leading events and for the past year served as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Why do you volunteer for ORHF? After serving on the National Kidney Foundation of Maryland’s Board of Directors for eight wonderful years, raising more than $1M while running their golf tournament and leading strategic planning for the Foundation, I wanted to identify a new charity that I could help. I was looking for one that had demonstrable early wins and could use some assistance getting to the next level – including anything from formalizing infrastructure to institutionalizing existing capabilities through growing to provide a greater result. ORHF quickly became this place for me, an organization with total commitment to helping our Veterans, tremendous potential and a team of professionals that I wanted to join.

What is rewarding about volunteering with ORHF? ORHF is largely run by volunteers and a very supportive – although lean – staff. I have always been impressed by the organization’s interest to never allow the drive to grow overtake executing the mission well. Every day we have boots on the ground, reaching out to Veterans to help them win back their safety, confidence and dignity through being in a home and overcoming obstacles like poor credit or underemployment. At the same time, the organization is also growing and looking for ways to acquire more housing and tackle new challenges facing our homeless Veterans. Maintaining a healthy balance of meeting our core mission while responding to need, is an impressive capability of ORHF and one of the areas I find most rewarding. Our impact has been significant by doing this well, together.

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