Veteran with PTSD Needed a Home

After seeing combat in Afghanistan, “Manny” began to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Once he came back to the United States, he was only able to work an hourly job and his retail employer never gave him more than 25 hours in a given week.

Although he had seen other Veterans become homeless, he had never thought it could happen to him. But unable to pay his rent while earning less than 40% of the area’s Average Median Income, he slid into homelessness. The chaos and unexpected noises of homeless shelters triggered his PTSD.

Operation Renewed Hope Foundation needed to get this Veteran off the streets. The ORHF case worker contacted the Veterans Administration and helped navigate their tangled machinery to expedite a disability claim. This income boosted Manny’s salary so that he could afford rent.

HouseNext our case worker had to locate a quiet home and assist with the application. ORHF paid for the security deposit for an apartment in a private home and coordinated the donation of furnishing.

Finally, our Veteran had a home. He reports he sleeps better at night. He is finally on the path to recovery.