ORHF Arranges Car Donation for Homeless Veteran

After serving our nation for over 20 years in the Army Reserves, Sharon was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While undergoing chemotherapy, she was unable to work. After a month of receiving chemotherapy, the paychecks ended. When she was unable to pay August and September rent, she was forced to leave the residence where she was living and then became homeless.

“I never in a million years thought that I would become homeless as a result of a health issue.”

Sharon Receives Car DonationIn January 2016, Operation Renewed Hope Foundation helped this Veteran obtain housing, employment, and become self-reliant. Sharon is currently employed as a Home Aide Caretaker, but not able to work full-time because she was restricted by the bus schedule. ORHF put her forward to receive a car donation from “Recycled Rides,” which she received on Friday September 30 at Nationals Stadium. See video, below. With this car, Sharon can work for any clients wherever they live, enabling her to become financially independent. She and ORHF believe this goal will be now possible by the end of 2016.

“I am sincerely grateful that I have a place that I can call home and that I have employment. I am grateful that I was allowed to serve my country for over 20 years, but I am even more grateful for organizations like ORHF that offered me a chance to turn my life around.”