Male Marine and a female Soldier

At a New Hope breakfast, we met two Veterans: a male Marine and a female Soldier. Both currently live in transitional housing, one in Virginia and the other in D.C. Neither is working due to extenuating circumstances involving mental and social issues. They receive weekly counseling through the VA. The male is a Vietnam Veteran who carries himself well, and is articulate. He is in need of dental care and ORHF is currently working with a dental office in Falls Church to provide pro bono care.

The female Veteran is also well-spoken but introverted. She suffers from work-related mistreatment issues, but actively seeks employment. Operation Renewed Hope Foundation is in contact with a government research contractor, also a Veteran, who hires Veterans within the Washington DC metropolitan area. Our staff is currently helping her improve her resume in hopes of getting a job in the near future.