Key Volunteers

Many volunteers – too many to name here – contribute their time and energy to helping ORHF end Veteran homelessness.  A number of them go above and beyond, putting in many hours over an extended period of time.  We’d like to give special thanks to these key volunteers.

Silvestre Acedillo | Creative Director

John Agoglia | Outreach/Strategic Communications Committee

Nicole Behr | Funds Development Committee

Caressa Cameron | Outreach/Strategic Communications & Funds Development Committees


Vinny DeLaurentis | Funds Development Committee

Caroline Faiella | Veteran Housing Committee

Chris Flaherty | Outreach/Strategic Communication

Joe Himplemann | Outreach/Strategic Communication

Jason Howell | Veteran Services Committee


Donald Huffner | Veteran Services Committee

Tom Lapato | Operations/Strategic Planning Committee

Tom MacPhee | Veteran Services Committee

Cliff Neve | Funds Development Committee

Sarah Robinson | Veteran Services Committee

Todd Ross | Funds Development Committee

Addis Simonik | Youth Volunteer Director

Don Triner | Governance/Board Development Committee

John Walker | Veteran Housing Committee

Yetta Rushford | Corporate Liaison