Our Logo


Our Logo
A lot of thought and heartfelt work went into the design of this logo.  Thanks to Marty Fair for his phenomenal design, and to the rest of the team for their input to make it what it is today.Blazon

  • The circular shape represents Unity of Purpose.
  • The purple background reflects the Jointness of our effort to help homeless Veterans from all Services as well as the passion and compassion we show for them.
  • The gold border underscores Generosity, a cornerstone of our organization.
  • The five stars acknowledge the individual contributions of our five Services: the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard; their white color symbolizes Dedication, Purity and Peace.
  • The rope signifies integrated, continuous support; it has no beginning and no end.
  • The Flag is the blanket of freedom our Veterans selflessly provided this Nation.
  • The Eagle, our Country’s iconic symbol, reflects power and resolve.
  • The outline of a House showcases our primary mission: provide quality housing to our homeless Veterans.
  • Finally, the Family silhouette is symbolic of all Veterans who have honorably served and is the true focus of Operation Renewed Hope Foundation.