Success Stories

Christopher Quincer

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Thanks to a generous ORHF donor, Christopher Quincer, a Marine Corps Veteran became the proud owner of this vehicle. (Dec 2012)


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ORHF met “Susan” in April 2012 (photo altered for privacy). She is an honorably discharged Army Veteran who became homeless, unemployed and until January 2013 lived in a D.C. shelter. Thanks to her tenacity and ORHF’s assistance, Susan is now employed, has a vehicle and lives in an apartment with her teenaged daughter.

David Ricks

David Ricks

Operation Renewed Hope foundation is proud to thank Shapiro and Duncan, a cutting edge mechanical engineering and construction firm that includes design-build, fabrication, installation and maintenance services in the DC area. Recently, Shapiro and Duncan hired one of Operation Renewed Hope Foundation’s homeless Veterans, Mr. Dave Ricks. In just eight short months, with the assistance of Shapiro and Duncan and Operation Renewed Hope Foundation, Mr. Ricks went from living in a homeless shelter to living in a town house and is successfully providing for himself and his son.

Bernard and son

Bernard and son

After 59 days of homelessness, this former Infantry Soldier is ecstatic to help provide his wife and son a home where he can now concentrate on finishing school to earn his CPA license–on target for September 2013.

single father


This single father is happy to have left his tent for a beautiful two bedroom apartment in Northern Virginia. His children, active in local area sports, are excited about staying with Dad in his new place. ORHF continues assistance with furniture and employment opportunities.



In September, ORHF provided formerly homeless Marine Corp Veteran Chris Ullrich an interest free loan so he could move into an apartment.

Youman and family


Youman Coleman, single father of four received an interest free loan for a security deposit enabling him and his family to move into permanent housing–a lovely townhouse. ORHF also provided him multiple items of furniture.


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On June 2, 2012, ORHF gave Michael an interest free loan that led to permanent housing. This Air Force security forces Veteran was once a driver for Donald Trump. He hopes to gain employment soon.


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On the same day, ORHF granted this Coast Guard retiree and father of three an interest free loan enabling him to stay in permanent housing recently arranged through the VA. He and his family of five had been couch surfing for months. Grady’s background is in homeland defense and he is eager to get back to work. ORHF is providing his family some much needed furniture as well.



On May 21, our client Lloyd successfully completed a 14-week life skills class. He officially graduated Out of Poverty. Out of Poverty helps individuals who have experienced poverty to accept the past, envision a new future, and begin to build a plan for achieving it. The program uses a group process, and participants share personal experiences as they move through the program. Here is a photo of Lloyd and his graduation certificate. Congratulations, Lloyd. On an even higher note, Lloyd moved into his home on June 2nd organized through Operation Renewed Hope Foundation and the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Soon, his wife joins him from a hospital care facility. Congratulations, Lloyd, we are so very proud of you.



After five months of unemployment, Reuben was very relieved when he and his young family of four recently received assistance from ORHF in the form of an interest-free loan. The loan prevented eviction and Reuben will soon be back on his feet as he was recently selected for a position at Fort Belvoir’s new hospital. Congratulations Reuben and family!

Thank you for helping us help Veterans like Lloyd and Reuben and all those we serve. It is the least we can do for their service to our Country!

Lloyd’s dental work by Dr. Jon Williams, DDS

Lloyd’s dental work by Dr. Jon Williams, DDS

From homeless Veteran Lloyd Clarke, currently living in a Fairfax County shelter:

“I went to my appointment with Doctor Williams this morning. We went through a preliminary check up, took x-rays etc… He explained everything that needs to be done, extractions, cleaning, etc… He was great and the dental assistant also. I have another appointment on Wed. the 25th of this month. It will probably take two visits for the initial work. Thanks again Deborah. I’ll see you soon. Lloyd”



On November 11, 2011, our founder teamed with another local non-profit that supports homeless female Veterans to help find a suitable property in Northern Virginia. Volunteers with Jeff Jones’ Decorate a Vet program adorned the house with beautiful holiday trimmings. Thanks to folks like Jason and Sam Musleh of Walker’s Grille and several community, private and corporate donations, the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held in early December 2011 was a great success. Most importantly, several female Veterans and their children were welcomed into a lovely furnished home.

Navy Veteran

Operation Renewed Hope Foundation (ORHF) was award non-profit status 31 January 2012. In February, ORHF continued to work with a single Navy Veteran mother of two to find employment and permanent housing. This Veteran was foreclosed upon in November and was living in transitional housing with the assistance of ORHF. In April 2012, she and her children moved into permanent housing and she started a new job with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Female Soldier

Operation Renewed Hope Foundation also assisted a young female Soldier who was medically discharged from the Army. Her health challenges impacted her employment efforts as she endured over a dozen procedures in the last two years. Pending lease expiration in government housing, she and her three young children had no home. ORHF provided a $5K interest-free loan, a vehicle, and a direct liaison with the VA to help change the course of her future. Soon, this Veteran and her family live will be living in their own single-family home in Northern Virginia. The house needs some major repairs, and thanks to Mark “Ranger” Jones, the President and Founder of the Ranger Group and the Ranger Foundation, the house will become a like-new fully furnished home.

Prince William


In March of this year, Operation Renewed Hope Foundation members visited with both the Prince William drop-in shelter in Woodbridge and New Hope Housing in Alexandria, an award-winning, non-profit agency providing both transitional and permanent housing for homeless families and single adults. Both organizations welcomed ORHF with open arms as a recognized partner in the battle against homelessness. The Prince William drop-in shelter serves at least 18 Veterans who are living in tents in the surrounding area. In Alexandria, New Hope’s Eleanor Kennedy shelter is a temporary home to several Veterans as well.

Male Marine and a female Soldier

At a New Hope breakfast, we met two Veterans: a male Marine and a female Soldier. Both currently live in transitional housing, one in Virginia and the other in D.C. Neither is working due to extenuating circumstances involving mental and social issues. They receive weekly counseling through the VA. The male is a Vietnam Veteran who carries himself well, and is articulate. He is in need of dental care and ORHF is currently working with a dental office in Falls Church to provide pro bono care.

The female Veteran is also well-spoken but introverted. She suffers from work related mistreatment issues, but actively seeks employment. Operation Renewed Hope Foundation is in contact with a government research contractor, also a Veteran, who hires Veterans within the Washington DC metropolitan area. Our staff is currently helping her improve her resume in hopes of getting a job in the near future.